Meet Recap: Abbee with her signature deadlift lockout smile, and she had good right to be happy. Another PR total for Abbee, adding 27lbs. from her meet in June and and 121lbs. since last years Raw Nationals! Abbee finished 10th in the 84kg Open division, with her best lifts being a 369lb. squat, 220lb. bench press, and 441lb. deadlift! Probably the biggest win of the meet was her mental resiliency after her 2nd bench press. Her feet just could not get a good lock into the carpet and anytime she tried to use leg drive they would slide out from under her, so basically she had to bench with zero leg drive. On the 2nd attempt, she ended up getting called for the bar going down then up, and mentally the feet sliding was in her head and was an easy out to just let this meet beat her. But she composed herself and went out and crushed 220 for a huge bench PR and then finished off strong going 3/3 on deadlifts!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 84kg

Squat: 369lbs.

Bench: 220lbs.

Deadlift: 441lbs.

Total: 1030lbs.

Coach: Steve

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