Meet Recap: Kate crushed it at her first National meet, and finished with the silver medal in the M4 84kg division! Her lifts included a 138lb. squat, 99lb. bench press, and 226lb. deadlift for a 463lb. total! I don’t think Kate in her wildest dreams ever thought she would be competing at a National powerlifting competition, let alone at the age of 69 and winning a silver medal, but as I’ve said its never too late to get strong! After being Kate’s personal trainer for a couple months it was evident she had a love for being strong and told her we were going to work towards doing a powerlifting meet. So last year she competed in her very first powerlifting meet in the 2018 Push/Pull event I directed. Fast forward a year later and this year’s Push/Pull was her 4th powerlifting meet and she has now competed in more meets than I have, and was a silver medalist in the largest powerlifting meet in the world!

Division: Master’s 4

Weight Class: 84kg

Squat: 138lbs.

Bench: 99lbs.

Deadlift: 226lbs.

Total: 463lbs.

Coach: Steve

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