Meet Recap: Payton caps off Raw Nationals with a 22lb. total PR and a 7th overall finish in the 93kg Junior division! Payton was able to hit a 579lb. squat, 408lb. bench press, and a 672lb. deadlift, and just barely missed out on a 601lb. squat that he smoked, but unfortunately got called for depth with 2 to 1 reds. Big win of the day was his bench press, which was a 19lb. PR and breaks the chain of some odd meet day performances on bench press that we finally figured out the cause basically the week of the meet. Payton routinely has hit bench singles in the 405-415lb. range, but each time in competition it seemed his bench would drop 20lbs., and about 10 days out we figured out why. For some reason on a ER competition bench, Payton struggled to create the same back and up bar path. He actually had the idea to try using his AdiPowers rather than flats, and sure enough that slight change in position made all the difference. Most likely that elevated heel cued a stronger leg drive as well as allowed a more elevated rib cage position.

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 579lbs.

Bench: 408lbs.

Deadlift: 672lbs.

Total: 1658lbs.

Coach: Steve

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