Meet Recap: It was a great first Raw Nationals for Stacey, who ended the day with a PR total of 655lbs.! Stacey hit a 231lb. squat, 154lb. bench press, and 270lb. deadlift in the M1 63kg division! The bench in particular I know was a big goal for Stacey after missing that weight at Regionals, but this time around she absolutely crushed it! And after getting a depth call at Regionals on squats, this time around she made it no doubt with her depth and executed to perfection on all 3 of her attempts.

Division: Master’s 1

Weight Class: 63kg

Squat: 231lbs.

Bench: 154bs.

Deadlift: 270lbs.

Total: 655lbs.

Coach: Steve

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