Meet Recap: 1681lb. total for Patrick, for a 23lb. total and his best placing yet at Raw Nationals, coming in 14th in the 93kg open division! With that said, I know I speak for Patrick when I say that was the first PR total he has ever hit that was a bit disappointing. Patrick was peaked for this meet better than ever, but just a couple odd variablesĀ on the day kept a massive PR total from happening. Patrick finished though with a PR squat of 611lbs., a 402lb. bench press, and a 666lb. PR deadlift. So while it was not the day he was hoping for, it continues to be a step in the right direction.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 611lbs.

Bench: 402lbs.

Deadlift: 666lbs.

Total: 1681lbs.

Coach: Steve

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