Meet Recap: 665.01 IPF points for Joey to qualify him for the Arnold by .01!!! It was all on the line during his 2nd deadlift, and he locked out 611lbs. to finish out a clutch performance! Joey ended the day with an 82lb. PR total of 1344lbs. at 74kg, that included a 446lb. squat and 287lb. bench press as well! Attempt selection was very important on the day, and prior to the meet as I planned out attempts I made sure we had multiple routes to take based on how each lift went. We even had different game-plans based on how Joey weighed in, and even though he was well under weight that morning we actually had him spit for about an hour which helped get him down to 161.3 and made it so we needed 2.5kg lower than planned. It all worked out perfect, as going into deadlifts we re-did the calculations to double check, and sure enough 277.5kg on deadlift put him exactly at 665.01.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 74kg

Squat: 446lbs.

Bench: 287lbs.

Deadlift: 611lbs.

Total: 1344lbs.

Coach: Steve

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