Meet Recap: Jimmy competed for his first time at the USAPL Built Strong Championships, and it was for sure one to remember! Jimmy finished a perfect day with a 463lb. squat, 325lb. bench press, and a 534lb. deadlift to secure a 1322lb. total, which is 122lbs. more than the original goal he had when we started 4 months ago. I’ve mentioned Jimmy plenty in my stories, as he is the first beginner I have coached in a while, and the rapid progression we have seen has just been fun for both of us. You can even look at his 3rd deadlift for even more proof of just the consistent weekly progression we’ve seen, as 518lbs. was a bit of a grinder 2 weeks prior in the gym, but 534lbs. on meet day ended up looking like an opening attempt. My goal for anyone in their first meet is to have fun, hit PRs, and go 9 for 9, and we definitely accomplished that. For a first time competitor though Jimmy executed to perfection. No missed commands, zero red lights for anything, and all lifts to a great standard. Super proud of the work he has put in for this, and the results show!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 105kg

Squat: 463lbs.

Bench: 325lbs.

Deadlift: 534lbs.

Total: 1322lbs.

Coach: Steve

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