Meet Recap: Brandon competed at the USA Powerlifting Built Strong Championships, where he made his USAPL debut with a PR squat, PR bench, and a PR total! These lifts included a 540lb. squat, 363lb. bench press, and a 540lb. deadlift to finish the day with a 1443lb. total! He took a really good run at 562lbs. on his final deadlift and was able to lock it out, but had a little up and down motion just above the knees. We just recently made the full switch to sumo, and these last 2 blocks things really started to click, so I know Brandon is excited to make that 562lbs. an easy 2nd attempt next time around! Like so many, Brandon had to take some time completely off training due to the shutdowns, and that was very inopportune due to the momentum we had prior. But once he could resume training again he was driven, and even with all the odd variables this year Brandon worked his butt off to make this happen. This was also Brandon’s first meet at 93kg, as well as his first meet having to do a slight weight cut, so we definitely learned some things for the future in regards to how he responded to that. His goal from day 1 was to qualify for Raw Nationals, so it’s time now to get back to work, put some increased focus on nutrition year round, and come back even stronger!

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 540lbs.

Bench: 363lbs.

Deadlift: 540lbs.

Total: 1443lbs.

Coach: Steve

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