Meet Recap: Al competed at the USPA Power Surge IV this past weekend, and finished with a 9 for 9 day! This included a 479lb. squat, 324lb. bench, and a 523lb. deadlift to end that day with a 1326lb. PR total! In regards to meet performance compared to gym performance, this was Al’s best meet yet and he was able to crush some weights on meet day that were all out grinders or misses in the gym. If you know Al, you know he is a busy man and these past 2 months have been hectic with travel. Because of this, training just didn’t go great, but he ended up being the epitome of “it doesn’t matter until meet day”. While in a perfect world training would always be good and meet days would be perfect, life happens and we adjust. The goal is not to put the best numbers up in the gym, but rather on the platform. So any good or bad training days is great¬†data on what variables can be adjusted to peak on meet day. We made the needed adjustments the week of leading into the meet, Al didn’t cut for this meet but came in fed and prepared, and he executed to perfection on the day.¬†

Division: Sub-Master’s 35-39

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 479lbs.

Bench: 324lbs.

Deadlift: 523lbs.

Total: 1326lbs.

Coach: Steve

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