Meet Recap: Kyle competed at the 2020 USAPL Midwest Primetime, and was able to finish with a PR squat of 479lbs., PR bench of 336lbs. and a 535lb. deadlift to make up a 1350lb. PR total! Kyle was able to put together a good day in spite of a big unknown going in on how well he could even squat or deadlift. During his final heavy squat session the week before he pulled a abductor muscle that started really limiting his ability to squat, and especially deadlift. So going into the day we had multiple  contingency plans based on how things felt, and fortunately outside of just taking squats a bit more conservative, Kyle was able to stay mentally strong and get the job done! Kyle, like many, had a lot of meets postponed or cancelled this year so I was excited we were able to get him on the platform before the year finished to highlight his strength. 

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 74kg

Squat: 479lbs.

Bench: 336lbs.

Deadlift: 535lbs.

Total: 1350lbs.

Coach: Steve

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