Meet Recap: The Midwest Primetime is a wrap, but I also had 2 athletes who were able to compete, with the first up being Patrick. Going into the day we knew this was going to be a battle for 2nd place with up to 4 other competitors. In the end, it was @coladipower and Patrick both having a chance to pull to lock down second place. We had originally put in a fake 350kg attempt and awaited Michael’s final pull, and when he just narrowly missed it, we dropped down to 325kg to have a chance at taking second place by just a couple decimals on GL score. Patrick got it to his knees, but it just wasn’t quite there on the day and finished in 3rd place. But that’s exactly what we hoped and expected, which was to have a real attempt selection battle down to the end with 1 pull to determine everything, and it didn’t disappoint. Patrick finished the day with a 628lb. squat, 407lb. bench press, and a 700lb. deadlift to lock in a 1735lb. total. It wasn’t quite the day that I know Patrick knew he was capable of, but he came to compete with the best lifters in the Midwest and leave it all on the platform, and he did just that.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 628lbs.

Bench: 407lbs.

Deadlift: 700lbs.

Total: 1735lbs.

Coach: Steve

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