Meet Recap: Rob competed at the USPA Squat 2 Depth Showdown, where he finished 8 for 9! Rob hit a 540lb. squat., 358lb. bench press, and capped it off with a big 672lb. deadlift in the rain! Rob cut down from the 308 class that he competed at in February to 275 for this meet, and was still able to walk away with a PR total and joined the 400 Wilks club with a 406 coefficient score! This was an interesting meet prep, as Rob was supposed to compete back in August, then was maybe competing in September, and then finally it happened in October. That’s probably the story for many people this year, but this resulted in basically peaking multiple times, but then just getting his meet plans delayed. So I know Rob is ready for a little bit of a break to recover after basically being in meet prep mode for 6 months now. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 125kg

Squat: 540lbs.

Bench: 358lbs.

Deadlift: 672lbs.

Total: 1570lbs.

Coach: Steve

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