Meet Recap: A 9 for 9 day and 44lb. meet PR total for Kate at 70 years old! Kate finished with a 505lb. total in the M4 84kg class, including a 159lb. squat, 115lb. bench press, and 231lb. deadlift, with all 3 of those being meet PRs! Kate has struggled a bit with meet jitters, but we knew at this meet the pressure was lower, she was in her home gym, and around friends. That atmosphere really helped in knowing that she could be more calm and confident in the lifts we had planned. As well as I told her we were being more aggressive this meet. Even if her opener moved slow from nerves, we were going up. And her opener did move a little slow, but as you can see by her 3rd attempt she calmed down and absolutely crushed 159lbs. for a 16lb. meet PR! And the big surprise on the day was her 3rd bench press, which we thought was probably going to be a bit out of reach. Much like I said with Shelly yesterday, we planned for Kate’s 3rd attempt to be her 2nd at 110lbs. And if she hit that, we’d take a run at 115lbs. just to see if it was there, and it was! It was a grinder, but she locked it out for 3 white lights! 

Division: Master’s 4

Weight Class: 84kg

Squat: 159lbs.

Bench: 115lbs.

Deadlift: 231lbs.

Total: 505lbs.

Coach: Steve

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