Meet Recap: Shelly went 8 for 9 at the USAPL PRs On The Platform, finishing with a 270lb. squat, 165lb. bench press, and a 325lb. deadlift! This helped secure her a 760lb. total and her best performance yet in regards to execution on game day! We have been experimenting with different peaking strategies over the last year, as Shelly is very sensitive in regards to tapering volume and intensity. Just the slightest adjustments can make a big difference in either peaking her or detraining her. This April when she was supposed to compete we continued training into a mock meet for the purpose of learning more about how to peak. That did not go great though, but as I told Shelly back then it gave us really good info for future training. Using what we learned, I had her taper her squat and bench press just a touch more, and her deadlift significantly more. That led to her lifts on the platform matching much of our expectations of the strength we had seen within the gym on days she was the strongest.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 63kg

Squat: 270lbs.

Bench: 165lbs.

Deadlift: 325lbs.

Total: 760lbs.

Coach: Steve

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