Meet Recap: Jimmy competed at his 2nd meet and had another stellar performance, adding 88lbs. to his total at the USPA Live Large Midwest Championships! Jimmy finished the day with a 518lb squat, 325lb bench press, and a 567lb deadlift to cap off a 1410lb total! Only hiccup on the day came on his 3rd bench (341lbs) where his butt just came up a touch, but otherwise Jimmy kept up his trend of white lights and deep squats! I think probably the highlight for Jimmy was that 3rd deadlift, as he had had to really work for a 550lb deadlift in training. Much like we expected based on his last meet though, deadlifts showed up in a big way on meet day and that 3rd deadlift locked in a big PR!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 518lbs.

Bench: 325lbs.

Deadlift: 567lbs.

Total: 1411lbs.

Coach: Steve

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