Meet Recap: Kyle finally got to showcase the strength we knew was there, and that equated to a 110lb total PR at the USPA Live Large Midwest Championships! We’ve had a string of bad luck leading into meets where just something always came up and limited performance, but on this day Kyle showed out with a 529lb squat, 330lb bench press, and a 600lb deadlift for a 1460lb total in the 75kg class! We actually made the switch back to sumo just 4 weeks out and it paid dividends, as Kyle was able to cross off that big milestone of 600lbs, with it being his first time hitting that in the gym or a meet! And while that was probably the highlight of the day, I know I was very excited for the 50lb. PR squat he had. Squat has been the achilles heel, as seemingly each meet prep we’ve had something has come up injury wise. And that almost happened again, as the first week of this peaking block he tweaked his hamstring. We figured out though that stemmed more from conventional deadlifting and Kyle stayed positive, and we were able to ramp up weekly and hit the numbers we were expecting the final 2 weeks leading into the meet. The slight adjustment we made was to not so much peak and taper, but just train squat into the meet like it was another training day. Since we lost a couple weeks of higher intensity work, Kyle’s squat wasn’t fatigued so there was no reason to taper. And historically week 4 his squat is usually very strong, so we just planned things out like the meet on Sunday was the final heavy squat of week 4, and it worked out well!

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 75kg

Squat: 529lbs.

Bench: 330lbs.

Deadlift: 601lbs.

Total: 1460lbs.

Coach: Steve

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