Meet Recap: Joe¬†showed some serious grit at his first meet. Joe ended up finishing with a 347lb. squat, 225lb. bench press, and 463lb. deadlift, but what really stood out is how he handled adversity on bench press. Something just wasn’t right, as 225lbs. is a weight he can hit any day in the gym, but on the first attempt he could barely get it to move. Second attempt he grinded it out, but got 3 reds for his butt popping way up. But somehow he came back on his third, put everything together, focused and was able to produce in the clutch and knocked out 225lbs. for 3 white lights. He was able to take that confidence from the third attempt bench and carry it over to deadlifts, where he shined and was able to hit his best lift of the day on his 3rd attempt with a 463lb. deadlift. For Joe, the biggest thing we will be working on post-meet training is form, positioning, and mobility with his upper back. His strength on submaximal sets estimates his maxes to be much higher, but technical breakdowns with chest fall on squat and too much rounding on his deadlift during max attempts are keeping him from displaying his true capabilities. Time to get back in the trenches and get Joe hitting 400/265/500 at his next meet!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 105kg

Squat: 347lbs.

Bench: 225lbs.

Deadlift: 463lbs.

Total: 1035lbs.

Coach: Steve

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