Meet Recap: Joe had himself a day this past Saturday at the SPF Arkansas Veteran’s Day Battle of Champions! He competed in the raw division and hit a 540lb. squat, 385lb. bench (10lb. PR), and a 700lb. deadlift (45lb. PR. The 700lb. deadlift was one of the coolest moments because he had missed it on his second attempt and Joe has been chasing this number for quite some time! For him to come back and get it on his third attempt showed some serious resiliency. He finished the day with a 1625lb. total at 220lbs.! Great work Joe!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 540lbs.

Bench: 385bs.

Deadlift: 700lbs.

Total: 1625lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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