Competition Recap: Justin competed at the 2019 Kansas Strongest Man where he competed in a Press Medley, Deadlift Max, Farmer’s Hold, and Carry Medley. The day was highlighted by a 635lb. deadlift which is an all time PR for Justin! After a bit of a tough start on the press medley, he was able to string together good placings on deadlift and the Farmer’s Hold, where he was able to hold 300lbs. per hand for 20 seconds, putting him in 3rd place heading into the final event. The Carry Medley included a 485lb. rickshaw, 250lb. sandbag, and 275lb. farmer’s carry per hand. Justin was able to complete the rickshaw and then got about halfway down the 50ft course on the sandbag before loosing grip and unable to re-pick.

Coach: Steve

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