Meet Recap:  Kate actually competed just 2 weeks ago at Raw Nationals, and then came back around just 2 weeks later and bested those bench and deadlift numbers with a 105lb. bench press and 231lb. deadlift at the 2019 SSC Push/Pull Meet! I don’t think Kate in her wildest dreams ever thought she would be competing at a National powerlifting competition, let alone at the age of 69 and winning a silver medal, but as I’ve said its never too late to get strong! After being Kate’s personal trainer for a couple months it was evident she had a love for being strong and told her we were going to work towards doing a powerlifting meet. So last year she competed in her very first powerlifting meet in the 2018 Push/Pull event I directed. Fast forward a year later and this year’s Push/Pull was her 4th powerlifting meet and she has now competed in more meets than I have! Moving forward we are going to go back to training more general exercises and increase her fitness level, and we will see going forward where her goals in powerlifting takes her!

Division: Master’s 40+

Bench: 105bs.

Deadlift: 231lbs.

Total: 336lbs.

Coach: Steve

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