Meet Recap: John competed at the USAPL Springfield Showdown and had an absolutely fantastic day, finishing 8/9 and totaling 1298 lbs (143lb total PR). 143 lbs added to your total in a year is pretty significant!! On deadlifts he hit 567 (60lb PR). In the last year we broke this deadlift down and built it back up. This can be a very frustrating process but he bought in and it resulted in a huge PR. On squats he hit 446 (66lb PR). We really figured out the secondary squat movements that honed in John’s technique that allowed him to further his squat progress! On bench he went 2/3 hitting 286 (16 lb PR). If it weren’t for his butt coming up he would’ve had 297, so we are going to work on keeping his feet a little further in front to push back toward the bench versus up!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 446lbs.

Bench: 286bs.

Deadlift: 567lbs.

Total: 1298lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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