Meet Recap: Kevin went 8/9 on the day, finishing with a 992lb. PR total. He faced some adversity from the start in missing an easy second squat attempt. (nerves, sunk the squat too deep), but came back strong and smoked the same weight (358) on his third squat attempt and finished out the day perfect on both bench and deadlift. Kevin is excited after a productive first meet and ready to get back to training. We have built a solid base of technique, which I believe is of utmost importance especially for a beginner lifter. Goals directly following this meet will be to continue to perfect technique and put on some body weight. Kevin is lean and long and it will be very advantageous for his success in the sport to put on 8-10lbs.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 105kg

Squat: 358lbs.

Bench: 248bs.

Deadlift: 386lbs.

Total: 992lbs.

Coach: Nik

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