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Meet Recap: Jonathan competed at the USAPL Maryland State Championships after almost a 3 year layoff from competing, and the time off suited him well as he was able to hit a 95lb. PR total with 1416lbs! Jonathan’s day was rounded out with PRs all on 3 lifts, including a 534lb. squat, 281lb. bench, and a 600lb. deadlift to finally the big milestone lift! This was Jonathan’s first 9 for 9 meet, and he executed perfectly, with 27 white lights and great calls on the day with attempts. Jonathan originally came to me back in 2020 after dealing with some pretty notable upper back pain that took a good deal of time to rehab. But over the last 2 years he’s hit a stride in his training, and while there were some ups and downs from life stressors, he’s been able to train pain free and make consistent progress on all 3 lifts. And while all 3 lifts exceeded expectations on the day and he was able to take the high option on all of them, deadlift was the icing on the cake since Jonathan was finally able to hit 600lbs. in a meet, with more in the tank too. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 90kg

Squat: 534lbs.

Bench: 281lbs.

Deadlift: 600lbs.

Total: 1416lbs.

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