Meet Recap: Wascar is your 2023 IPF World Champion in the 59kg class! Last June Wascar reached out to me with 1 specific goal, and that was to become a World Champion. And not only did Wascar accomplish that goal, I think I can speak unbiasedly in that he has brought a standard back to the 59kg class that it has been missing in recent years. The progress he has made over the last year has been pretty insane, adding 37.5kg to his total since last June while being in a caloric deficit and dieting pretty much the entirety of that time. Most people should not be able to do that, but Wascar left zero stones unturned in making sure every aspect of his training, nutrition, and recovery were on point at all times. I could not ask for more from Wascar, and he gave 110% every inch of the way and has become a World Champion due to his efforts and hard work. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 59kg

Squat: 490lbs.

Bench: 314lbs.

Deadlift: 573lbs.

Total: 1377lbs.

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