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Meet Recap: 57kg World Champion, 57kg World Record total, 57kg gold in bench and deadlift, best overall lifter, and 2nd highest GL score in female tested powerlifting history. I’d say Natalie had a pretty good first IPF Worlds experience. The day could not have gone to plan any better and Natalie in my opinion had one of the best executed World Championship performances in a close battle that we’ve ever seen (maybe I am biased, but I’m standing by that). I already feel like I am getting more credit than I deserve for what Natalie accomplished, because if you know Natalie, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what she is capable of. Yes she has elite genetics, but she is the rare combo of someone who has been blessed with a God given gift that has combined it with an incredible work ethic to maximize her potential to the fullest. When I first started working with Natalie 7 months ago, I obviously knew she was an incredible lifter. But within the first month working together, I knew she was one of a kind, and I told multiple people within my circle that I had little doubt she could be the best lifter in the world before the end of 2023. Her consistency in and outside of the gym, being on top of all the variables, the focus she brings to each workout, and her level headedness were second to none, and it was just a matter when, not if, she would be a World Champion. I could not be more proud of what Natalie has accomplished, and she is a great ambassador for women’s powerlifting and what the future holds for this sport. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 57kg

Squat: 397lbs.

Bench: 237lbs.

Deadlift: 496lbs.

Total: 1130lbs.

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