Meet Recap: Carl competed at USAPL Mid Atlantic Regionals, where he finished the day 8 for 9 with a 573lb. squat, 314lb. bench press, and a 584lb. deadlift to round out a 1471lb. total! We knew the majority of progress recently has come from bench, so the plan was to be somewhat conservative on squat and deadlift to let bench take the charge. Big thanks to Aaron for handling Carl on the day and making great calls, and going into that 3rd deadlift everything had been spot on. Unfortunately on Carl’s 3rd his right hand tore open pretty good and was unable to hold on, but I was very happy with deadlift strength on the day. As compared to how strength was in the gym this prior block on deadlift, 584lbs. on Carl’s 2nd attempt was the best it has moved by far. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 90kg

Squat: 573lbs.

Bench: 314lbs.

Deadlift: 584lbs.

Total: 1471lbs.

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