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Meet Recap: Lorraine competed at USAPL Raw Nationals where she put together an 8 for 9 day in the 56kg class! Lorraine was able to finish the day with a 336lb. squat, 187lb. bench press, and a 375lb. deadlift to round out a 898lb. total! It has been over a year since Lorraine has competed, as unfortunately late last year she suffered a pretty significant back injury that took most of this year to recover from. And I am so proud of Lorraine for all the work she put in, mentally and physically, to get back to this point where she is 100% and executed extraordinarily well on the day. We really only had 2 normal training blocks leading back into this meet where she was 100% healthy, so the goal coming in was to hit lifts, have fun, and build momentum knowing after this meet we finally have the time to really build to what we know she is capable of. In particular, deadlift has been the biggest struggle, as that was the main contributor of pain, but surprisingly that ended up maybe being the highlight lift of the day and her 3rd attempt moved incredibly well. It was great to see the joy post-meet and the fire re-lit, and I know Lorraine is really excited to get right back to training and hit some big PRs soon!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 56kg

Squat: 336lbs.

Bench: 187lbs.

Deadlift: 375lbs.

Total: 898lbs

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