Meet Recap: Demetria competed at USAPL Raw Nationals this past week where she took home the bronze medal in a highly competitive 48kg class. Demetria ended the day with a 308lb. squat, 205lb. bench press, and a 358lb. deadlift to round out her total at 870lbs! Going in, we knew it was going to be incredibly competitive between Demetria, Kate, and Leanne, so the priority was to make lifts and see how things played out come deadlift time. While overall Demetria had a very good day considering the circumstances and pressure of being in such a high level meet, comparatively to past preps she just seemed to come in a bit flat, so that is on me to figure out how to adjust moving forward. Demetria absolutely crushed it on the day in her execution, and we are going on 4 meets now where she has not missed a single lift due to technicality, so everything within her control she nailed! We had originally planned to shoot for 314lbs. on squat, but after her 2nd attempt we went on the conservative side and went with 308lbs. for her 3rd attempt, which ended up being the perfect call. Bench mirrored squat, and Demetria was able to hit 204lbs. on her 2nd attempt, but 209lbs., which she had hit multiple times in the gym, wasn’t quite there on the day. Going into deadlifts things got very interesting, as on 3rd attempts the opportunity presented itself where all 3 lifters had a chance to pull for the win. After talking with Demetria though, with how her second attempt of 358lbs. moved, 379lbs. was going to be too much of a stretch, so we aimed to see if she could secure a 400kg total. It wasn’t quite there on the day, but I know both Demetria and I are very excited moving forward as training momentum has shown there is special meet day performance on the horizon.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 48kg

Squat: 308lbs.

Bench: 205lbs.

Deadlift: 358lbs.

Total: 870.8lbs.

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