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Meet Recap: Christiane competed at USAPL Raw Nationals in the 60kg class, where she was able to secure the silver medal and walk away with another American Record squat! Christiane rounded out her 1056lb. total with a 405lb. squat, 259lb. bench press, and a 391lb. deadlift! It was an incredibly tight battle with Mae, as well as Nataleigh who put up a huge total in the afternoon session, and came down to the final pulls where unfortunately 407lbs. just wasn’t quite there on the day to force Mae to have to make a final pull for the win. Christiane gave this prep everything she had though and I am incredibly proud of her. The improvements she has made over the past year through many different obstacles is a testament to the work she puts in day in and day out. Next up will be the Arnold, and I am really excited to be able to get a nice run of consistent training in and see Christiane’s full potential come March!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 60kg

Squat: 405lbs.

Bench: 259lbs.

Deadlift: 391lbs.

Total: 1056lbs.

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