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Meet Recap: Nico┬ácompeted at USAPL Raw Nationals, making his first Open Nationals appearance since 2019 and getting the redemption he’s been seeking for 4 years now. It was a near flawless day on a platform, with Nico finishing with a 578lb. squat, 402lb. bench press, and a 661lb. deadlift for a 1642lb. total and 9th place in the 82.5kg class! This was an incredibly strict platform, so from the get go we knew we likely were going a touch conservative, and Nico executed beautifully going 9 for 9 on the day. This was far from a perfect prep, and really the final block leading into the meet was a bit of a whirlwind on squat and deadlift. But Nico has been very predictable in regards to his taper performance. I believe this is in part from just an ability to maintain strength during periods of rapid fatigue decay, as well as just his approach and mentality on the platform meet day sets him up for success. Anyone who was around Nico that day knows he is just a joy to be around on meet day and he was having more fun competing than almost anyone I’ve ever coached.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 578lbs.

Bench: 402lbs.

Deadlift: 661lbs.

Total: 1642lbs.

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