Meet Recap: Kate is your 2023 USAPL M4 75kg National Champion, and back to back National Champion at that! Kate was able to finish the day with a 204lb. squat to finally break that 200lb. barrier in competition, a 115lb. bench press, and a 253lb. deadlift for a total of 573lbs! We took a little more aggressive attempt selection for deadlift, as this is Kate’s last competition as a M4a (70-74 age group), so if possible we wanted to make a run at the American Record deadlift. It was a bit out of reach on the day, but overall it was another fantastic meet day performance from Kate who at this point I’d consider a “veteran” with this being her 9th competition even though she did not start lifting until she was 69 years old! Squat was the best lift on the day, and Kate and I were just recently looking at a video from when we first started and were celebrating her hitting a PR at 135lbs. Fast forward 3 years and now she is breaking the 200lb. mark, which is just amazing!

Division: M4

Weight Class: 75kg

Squat: 204lbs.

Bench: 115lbs.

Deadlift: 253lbs.

Total: 573lbs.

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