Meet Recap: Justin competed at the USAPL Springfield Showdown where he had about a near perfect day, finishing with PRs on all 3 lifts and a PR total of 1113lbs.! We made it a big priority going into this meet to go 9 for 9 and build the best total, and minus a slight little mistake with a start command on his first bench press, the rest of the meet went exactly as planned. In the past Justin had struggled with the idea of getting the most out of each lift versus building a total, but this meet turned into a perfect example of how all 3 lifts come together. We went conservative on squats with 413lbs. as his third attempt, which he hit fairly easily with another 2.5-5kg in the tank. This was already a 22lb. PR, and the goal was to leave that extra bit in the tank for deadlifts where we would go for broke, and that’s exactly how it played out. On his 3rd attempt Justin locked out 451lbs. at a true 10 RPE and put every bit of strength he had left into that lift. But not to be forgotten, Justin also hit a nice 11lb. PR bench of 248lbs. in between that squat and deadlift, so the day all around was a success.

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 413lbs.

Bench: 248bs.

Deadlift: 451lbs.

Total: 1113lbs.

Coach: Steve

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