Meet Recap: Alex had a near perfect day at the Springfield Showdown, going 9/9 with a 1184lb. total! We made the switch from conventional to sumo deadlift to try to reduce the ROM for Alex because as you can tell, he is very tall. Since November he has taken his deadlift max from 485 to 512, a 27 lb PR! In that same time his bench has went from 251 to 270, with some room to spare, but we will be working on some different foot placement to try to prevent his butt from coming up. Alex also joined the 400lb club on squats. His best in gym squat was previously 385 lbs and he hit 402 to make it a 17lb PR. During this next phase of training our biggest goal is to put on some weight/size and try to work on filling out the 105kg weight class!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 105kg

Squat: 402lbs.

Bench: 270bs.

Deadlift: 512lbs.

Total: 1184lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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