Meet Recap: Shane competed in his first sanctioned meet at the USAPL Springfield Showdown, and was able to hit PRs on all 3 lifts! Shane finished with a 380lb. squat, 297lb. bench press, and a 402lb. deadlift to finish with a 1080lb. total! This meet capped off almost 7 months of build up as Shane rehabbed from a back injury, and until meet day we had yet to really “unleash” his full potential and allow him to truly put the intensity. We finally got to see the fruition of all his hard work though, and the highlight of the day was probably the 380lb. squat, as Shane and @mrs.abigail_7 have had a long standing friendly competition on who would hit a 375+ squat in competition first. Shane won the battle, but we will see who wins the war as Abbee is shooting for 385lbs. come June 1st!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 380lbs.

Bench: 297bs.

Deadlift: 402lbs.

Total: 1080lbs.

Coach: Steve

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