Meet Recap: As a coach, seeing Stephanie go 9/9 was an awesome experience because I knew what it would do to her confidence as a lifter. This was Stephanie’s first meet and she has the typical first meet nerves heading in to the day. Several months ago Stephanie tweaked her back and then went on a two week vacation so we were unable to train her main three for that time. Coming back her bench has just been inconsistent! She was hitting 100-105 prior to the break, but we weren’t able to replicate that in training. Therefore we made the decision to go light and make sure to go 3/3 at the meet. So she hit 94lbs. easily, by the looks of it she had 100 that day for sure. Her squats were touch and go throughout the prep but we found that paused deadlifts were the answer to fixing her hips from rising too quickly out of the hole! As soon as we implemented paused deadlifts her comp squats became smooth! She went 3/3 on the day hitting 209lbs! Deadlifts are a funny story that I’ve told before but one day in the gym Stephanie was frustrated with her sumo pull (competition stance) and joking pulled a rep conventional. Well, the weight flew and her form looked great so I made her switch. From there on out, her deadlift training has been pretty spot on. She finished the day with a 259lb. deadlift! Stephanie also cut to the 72kg weight class this meet and I’m proud of her for cutting and handling the pressures of your first meet and bringing it all together to go 9/9 with a 563lb. total!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 72kg

Squat: 209lbs.

Bench: 94bs.

Deadlift: 259lbs.

Total: 563lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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