Recap: Kate got to compete at the USAPL Master’s of Iron Pro and walked away with a nice PR total at 534lbs! Kate finished the day with a 176lb. squat, 110lb. bench press, and a 248lb. deadlift in the M4 75kg division. We knew coming in Kate had an easy PR total based on her training lifts trending way over what they were leading into 2021 Nationals. Like most Master’s lifters, this was Kate’s first Arnold, and that is always an experience. Like many I think she was almost more nervous about finding where C-Pod was in the massive convention center than the actual meet itself, and once she got weighed in and settled she was in the zone. With nothing really on the line placing wise, we took a bit more of an aggressive attempt selection approach knowing a missed lift wouldn’t be the end of the world. Kate actually locked out a 187lb. squat on her 3rd attempt, but got called for up and down motion. With strength being there, I’ve got a feeling redemption will be had in June at that same weight.  

Division: Master’s 4

Weight Class: 76kg

Squat: 176lbs.

Bench: 110lbs.

Deadlift: 248lbs.

Total: 534lbs.

Coach: Steve

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