Meet Recap: Colette competed at the 2022 European Master’s Championships and was able to take home the bronze medal in the 63kg weight class. Colette ended on the day with a 308lb. squat, 171lb. bench press, and a 369lb. deadlift for an 848lb. total! This was Colette’s first meet back after a long layoff due to a bicep injury leading into last year’s European Master’s. Really the 6 weeks leading up was the first time she had touched any notable weights since July of last year. We took things very conservative, as she is competing again at the Dutch Master’s Championships in just 5 weeks, and the goal is to do what is needed to secure and IPF worlds bid and finally compete on the World stage! Even with a conservative meet, Colette was able to take him the bronze medal and come away pain free and able to hop right back into training as hoped!

Division: M1

Weight Class: 63kg

Squat: 308lbs

Bench: 171lbs

Deadlift: 369lbs

Total: 848lbs

Coach: Steve

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