Meet Recap: Izzy finishes on the podium, in 5th place, at 2022 USAPL Collegiate Nationals in the 60kg division! Izzy was able to finish the day with a 286lb. squat, 165lb. bench, and a 352lb. deadlift for a PR total of 803lbs! Coming into the day, the main goal was to improve upon her last meet in October, and see where the cards fell placing wise. As the day progressed, we could see come deadlifts that she had the chance to jump from 7th to 5th on her second pull, so we took a pretty conservative 5kg into her second attempt to secure position. That made the jump to her 3rd a bit larger than planned, but she nailed her final deadlift with more in the tank to secure the PR total! As just a freshman at @mckendreepowerlifting, there is a lot more to come in the future for Izzy at the Collegiate level!

Division: Collegiate

Weight Class: 60kg

Squat: 286lbs

Bench: 165lbs

Deadlift: 352lbs

Total: 803lbs

Coach: Steve

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