Meet Recap: Kelly had an awesome day at the GP Athletics Push/Pull competition! This was Kelly’s first experience competing in a powerlifting competition and doing an unsanctioned Push/Pull meet was a great way to start. She also got to compete in the gym that she works out in. All of these things contributed to helping Kelly feel a little more comfortable with her first time competing. Kelly had previously hit a touch and go bench press at 150lbs for an old PR. Her goal was to beat that number. Once we hit 143 we could’ve either went with 148 or 154 and we chose to do 154. She got the lift but had some downward movement on the way up, therefore she was red lighted. Still very pleased with her hitting 143 to competition standard. With deadlift Kelly managed to cap off her day with an all time PR of 265lbs. Her deadlift training had been going extremely well and as I somewhat expected the 265lb call for her third wouldn’t be an all out max. Nothing wrong with this because we wanted to make sure she went 3/3 and set a new PR. To cap off the great day, Kelly managed to win the Open class with a 202.38 Wilks. Amazing first competition and we will start to set our sights on a full competition.

Division: Open

Bench: 143lbs.

Deadlift: 265lbs.

Total: 408lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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