Meet Recap: Shane competed this past weekend at the GP Athletics Push/Pull during his comeback trail to powerlifting. He went 6/6, highlighted with a meet PR bench of 287lbs.! Shane has been working back from significant back issues, so the plan going into the meet was to basically shoot for a PR bench press while just going in and taking a token deadlift. On his 3rd attempt deadlift we went with 336lbs., and while this wasn’t a PR, it was a big step in the right direction. It was pain free, and he absolutely smoked it! His PR deadlift is 380lbs., and I have little doubt he can beat that currently, but we are playing the long game. Its back to the slow linear build now on squats and deadlifts, as we have slowly built up his strength while steering clear of any significant back pain flare ups. Next up is that 300lb. bench press, and I don’t think that is far off!

Division: Open

Bench: 287lbs.

Deadlift: 336lbs.

Total: 623lbs.

Coach: Steve



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