Meet Recap: Stacey competed at the GP Athletics Push/Pull this weekend, where she finished with a 138lb. bench press and a 270lb. deadlift!! The deadlift was a 22lb. meet PR for Stacey, and she was just a slight butt pop-up away from a PR bench at 143lbs. We went into this meet with a very different strategy, as Stacey will be competing again on January 12th in a full meet in St. Louis. Rather than do a full peak/taper and shoot for top end max strength at this meet, we programmed this into her workouts as basically just another training day. We knew easy PRs were there, so the goal was to hit 3rd attempts at about a 9 RPE range, which we successfully did, and then be able to jump right back into training next week with no hiccup. Especially with the tenderness of Stacey’s back, trying to fully peak for two meets within 2 months was just not the best idea. But with the way we approached this it works our perfect to basically use the Push/Pull meet as a slight test day, and it also gave us feedback on what to work on, which will be keeping that butt down!

Division: Master’s

Bench: 138lbs.

Deadlift: 270lbs.

Total: 408lbs.

Coach: Steve

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