Meet Recap: Aisling had about as perfect of a meet as you could possibly have, going 9 for 9 with a 292lb. squat (22lb. PR), 171lb. bench press (11lb. PR), and a 369lb. deadlift (17lb. PR) for a 832lb. total at the Quebec Provincials! Aisling had a goal in 2019 of hitting a qualifying total for CPU Nationals, but she achieved that goal before 2018 even ended by locking out her third deadlift, hitting the qualifying total right on the button!

When I started working with Aisling 10 weeks ago after her last meet, I thought maybe a 10-15lb. meet PR would be a big success with only have 10 weeks to work together before her next meet. But my mind was blown and she walked away adding 50lbs. to her total in just 10 weeks, and obviously was a very high responder to the gameplan we set up. We still have some things to work on her with squat form and some minor things for bench press, but for the most part we have found a recipe for success and we just need to keep building upon that. Now that her 2019 goal got accomplished early, its time to go back to the drawing board and figure out some more aggressive goals to work towards!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 84+kg

Squat: 292lbs.

Bench: 171lbs.

Deadlift: 369lbs.

Total: 832lbs.

Coach: Steve

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