Meet Recap: Austin competed at the USPA Red, White and Blue Championships and finished with a 573lb. squat (22lb. PR), 325lb. bench (10lb. PR), and a 573lb, deadlift. By the 3rd attempt deadlift he has secured a PR total, so we reached a tad to see if 601lbs. was there, but not quite on this day. Austin did a great job this meet recovering from adversity, as on his 1st attempt squat he misgroove 440lbs. and ended up having to grind it out, but recovered well and each attempt after looked better and better. And then come deadlifts, the first attempt of 551lbs. moved so fast that Austin was a bit shocked and forgot to wait for the down command. We took the risk and bumped his second attempt up versus retaking 551lbs., and Austin executed and nailed the 2nd attempt.

Getting back into training after this meet, our biggest goal is to get his bench press to match his squat and deadlift. His bench press is lagging behind in comparison to other 90kg and 93kg lifters who are squatting and deadlifting in his range. Just looking at Austin’s frame, he has some massive legs and now we need that upper body to match, so we will be doing some extended hypertrophy work to add some size to his upper body, as well as work on positioning within the bench press. On deadlift, our main focus will be to improve Austin’s leg drive off the floor. On his first attempt of 551lbs., Austin did a good job of staying with his legs and the weight flew, but as the weights increased on his 2nd and 3rd attempts, he more and more started shooting his hips up and trying to lift with his back.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 90kg

Squat: 573lbs.

Bench: 325lbs.

Deadlift: 573lbs.

Total: 1471lbs.

Coach: Steve

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