Meet Recap: Haley was able to finish the day with a 209lb. squat, 105lb. bench, and 248lb. deadlift! We made a lot of form changes over the last 3 months, and Haley really made some big strides and kept focused even when it was probably frustrating having to think of so many little cues in particular on squats! And something we realized that was a bit hard for me to notice in video, but evident once I saw her in person, is that as the weights get heavier the bar starts to slide down Haley’s back a bit too much, which explains exactly why at maximal loads she would struggle with depth. We were able to make the adjustment before her third attempt and it made a world of a difference. She was able to smoke her third squat of 209lbs., and I am very confident that is going to increase dramatically over the next couples month now that we know what to work on. For bench press, I think that was Haley’s favorite moment of the day, finally breaking into the 100s and setting a new PR of 105lbs. That was supposed to be her 3rd attempt, but since her opener moved so fast we jumped straight to 105lbs., so that we could take a shot at 110lbs. on her 3rd. Unfortunately it wasn’t there on the day, but I think that was more from some slight form breakdown, rather than strength being the issue. From here, our biggest goal is to engrain these form changes we have made so that rep after rep is as consistent as possible, as well as do an extended hypertrophy and volume block to really try to add some muscle to Haley’s frame so that she can out bench her swolemate @big_dusty soon!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 65kg

Squat: 209lbs.

Bench: 105lbs.

Deadlift: 248lbs.

Total: 562lbs.

Coach: Steve

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