Meet Recap: Nik started off with a huge day, going 3/3 on squat with a 491lb. squat (28lb. PR) with more in the tank, and 3/3 on bench with 325lbs. (28lb. PR). Couldn’t have gone better through squat and bench and was on pace for a possible 100lb. meet PR. Come deadlifts though, it just wasn’t there, and that one’s on me as a coach. We opened at 534lbs. which is a weight Nik has hit dozens of time in the gym, but during warmups something was just off and I should have lowered the opener. Unfortunately on 3 attempts, 534lbs. just wasn’t there on the day, with the 1st and second attempt both close, but the first having a hitch and the second losing balance at lockout. With squats and bench being so strong, and squats being fairly easy, the issue most likely comes back to how much I tapered Nik’s deadlift, and it was obviously too much. Just goes to show why you must be conservative on openers, as 534lbs. was very conservative and it still left the door open for these unforeseen issues to occur. Fortunately Nik is still fired up with how much he crushed squat and bench press, and we know so much more is there on deadlift, so the goal now is to cut down to 205lbs. to make a switch to USAPL and qualify for next year’s Raw Nationals!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 491lbs.

Bench: 325lbs.

Deadlift: N/A

Total: N/A

Coach: Steve


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