Meet Recap: Kelly stepped on the platform this past weekend at the USAPL Springfield Showdown. This was Kelly’s first full powerlifting meet and what a meet it was! Kelly ended up going 9/9 on the day with a 310 kg / 682 lb total. Ending with a 117.5 kg / 259 lb squat a 12lb lifetime PR, a 65kg / 143lb bench, and a 127.5kg / 280lb deadlift which is a 10lb lifetime PR and 15lbs over what she did in the push/pull meet in November. Kelly caught the powerlifting bug after this meet and she has signed up to compete July 27th in Arkansas for another USAPL meet. We are excited to build off of this meet as we go forward!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 63kg

Squat: 259lbs.

Bench: 143bs.

Deadlift: 281lbs.

Total: 682lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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