Meet Recap: Saturday was filled with sweet redemption for Richard, as he was able to return to the platform after over a year of setbacks that kept him from competing. Richard was able to go 9 for 9 on the day with a 424lb. squat, 303lb. bench press, and a 441lb. deadlift, finishing with a 1168lb., which is just barely short of his all time best. Considering the main goal in the beginning was just to compete, this meet was a definite success and Richard no doubt had more in the tank on squat and bench press. We took a fairly conservative route though leading into the meet and on attempt selections, as health was the number 1 goal. Fortunately we have now established a baseline of training pain free for over 2 1/2 months now, and our goal moving forward is to continue to build off this momentum and break well over that 1200lb. total mark the next time Richard competes.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 110kg

Squat: 424lbs.

Bench: 303bs.

Deadlift: 441lbs.

Total: 1168lbs.

Coach: Steve

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