Meet Recap: Kenji made his 74kg debut this past weekend at the USAPL Chiseled Winter Classic, and was able to put together an 8 for 9 day, finishing with a 1107lb. total! The big emphasis there is on 74kg, as Kenji weighed in almost 40lbs. less than his past meet, as over the last year he’s made an amazing transformation with his diet and health. So weighing in at 155lbs. he was able to hit 441lbs. on squat, 242lbs. on bench press, and 424lbs. on deadlift (CLICK HERE)! While none of these were all time PRs, all 3 coefficient wise were PRs over his previous bests in the 93kg class, and next up on the goal list will be to beat those current 93kg lifts, as he isn’t too far off. Deadlift in particular seems to have a lot of room for improvement, and as you can see with that 3rd attempt, it was easy! We had a lot of ups and downs with deadlift training and finding consistency, and really just within the final 2-3 weeks leading into the meet did we see technique start to catch up with his strength potential. So I expect a big pull out of Kenji soon!

Division: Teen 3

Weight Class: 74kg

Squat: 441lbs.

Bench: 242lbs.

Deadlift: 424lbs.

Total: 1107lbs.

Coach: Steve

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