Meet Recap: Thien competed at the PA SPC Strongest Santa, and had a near perfect day with a 35lb. meet PR total of 1203lbs. in the 69kg class. As a coach I got to experience the 1kg increments options of Powerlifting Australia, and Thien definitely needed that, as he got about every last kilo out of his lifts. He finished with a 392lb. squat, 270lb. bench, and a 551lb. deadlift! Only real miss of the day was his 3rd deadlift at 560lbs. that he was able to lockout but got called for a slight up and down motion. Overall this meet went almost perfect to plan, and while it was a 35lb. meet PR over his best meet last August, it was an 81lb. improvement over his most recent meet this July.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 69kg

Squat: 392lbs.

Bench: 260lbs.

Deadlift: 551lbs.

Total: 1203lbs.

Coach: Steve

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