Meet Recap: Kyle┬ácompeted at the 2019 USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals where he finished with a PR total of 1344lbs. (44lb. PR total) that was able to place him 6th overall (441 Wilks/663 IPF Points)! He was able to PRs all 3 lifts, with a best squat of 474lbs. (14lb. PR), 314lb. bench press (11lb. PR), and a 556lb. deadlift (16lb. PR). The 3rd attempt deadlift was the highlight of the day, as previously Kyle really struggled with hitching at maximal attempts, but he was able to fairly easy lockout 556lbs. with more in the tank. On squats and bench press just a couple small errors kept Kyle from a really big day. The video above (click here) of his bench press was actually his 3rd attempt of 325lbs. (the live stream didn’t air his 2nd attempt), which he was able to grind out but called got on 2 to 1 reds for his right foot not being completely flat.

Division: Collegiate Raw

Weight Class: 74kg

Squat: 474lbs.

Bench: 314bs.

Deadlift: 556lbs.

Total: 1344lbs.

Coach: Steve

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